A lot of work is being done on the transformation of the former industrial area Overstad. The municipality of Alkmaar is taking an active role in this and various great developments and initiatives have already been realized.
The Overstad Development Vision gives a clear direction to the steps that must be taken in the coming years. An important task that follows from the Development Vision is the creation of a bazaar-like wandering environment in which there is room for a lively trade in second-hand furniture in combination with small-scale catering establishments.

Commissioned by the municipality of Alkmaar, we explores the possibilities for a Bazaar concept at Overstad. Bazaar in the broadest sense of the word: from a recycled boulevard to a very diverse second-hand programme in the form of vintage stores and repair shops. We explored the range of possibilities with the municipality of Alkmaar and local owners and entrepreneurs. Through creative workshops in which we shared the common interests. In addition, we performed a market analysis of the second-hand market, in order to get a good feel for the latest trends and developments within this sector.

client: Municipality of Alkmaar, department of Economic Affairs