A New Course for the Venlo Kazerneterrein, former military barracks site.

Venlo has its origins along the Maas and is beautifully situated. Fort Sint Michiel was built around 1600 on the west side of the Maas, which fell into disrepair at the end of the 17th century. The military barracks site was built here at the beginning of 1900, on and around the foundations of the Fort. Ideally a strategic place with a view of the city and the Maas and inextricably linked to the city.

The Kazerneterrein in Venlo was purchased by the municipality of Venlo in 2006 and subsequently included as an integral part in the Vision Urban Center 2022. The former plans for the Kazerne Quarter were based on a top down development by determining which commercial program was the most suitable for this location. At the same time, a residential program was excluded.

The municipality of Venlo asked The Men of Foam to develop a new course for the Kazerne Quarter. We believe in the power and character of the Kazerne Quarter itself, whereby our vision provides for a lively center-urban district of Venlo. Our vision provides for four important elements: 1. a dynamic area development from bottom up, 2. introduction of a spatial grid, 3. adding the residential function and 4. development of the area by multiple parties.

The ‘New Course’ was presented at the end of 2018 to the city council of Venlo. Subsequently, an elaboration took place in the spring of 2019, via find this link .