Commissioned by the Municipality of The Hague, we explored how the city entrances in The Hague could be improved with the help of smart technological applications. After mapping the dynamic use of each city entrance (including CS, HS, LaanvanNOI and the Loper Oude Centrum), we have proposed various concrete solutions. Technological solutions that positively influence functionality and experience in the field of way finding, mobility (‘the last mile’), safety and information / communication. An improvement in the perception of the city entrances also contributes to strengthening the unique character of the Hague at the entrances.
In order to create broad support among both users of the city entrances and the various departments involved within the municipality, we organized various workshops and we literally observed the day to day usage in order to visualize the dynamics of the city entrances. The result of the exploration is a shortlist of possible technological interventions and solutions that can be implemented in the relatively short term. Solutions that improve city entrances and contribute to the Smart City ambitions of the city of The Hague.