In the middle of the heart of Rotterdam is the ‘Wijnhaveneiland’ located, an area of ports and islands with a high concentration of high-rise buildings. The Wijnhavenkwartier is in full development with multiple building projects such as The Muse, Terraced Tower and Uptown.

As strategic designers, we have developed a concept for a tower at Scheepmakershaven 27/29 on behalf of Stebru. A distinctive concept that, in addition to the not (always) distinctive high-rise in the area, adds value to the location and puts Wijnhaveneiland on the map.

Based on a broad analysis of trends / developments in the city and a spatial analysis of the area, we came up with the concept based on three pillars: adding dynamism, a diverse program and high-quality public space. Connecting the roofs, place-making in the plinth of the existing building and a construction that leaves room for various functions.

The concept has been translated into spatial models. Together with the municipality, we determined the ambition for this place. Based on our concept Stebru organized an architect selection and selected the design from MoederscheinMoonen Architects. The result is a challenging design in which our concept is spatially translated (link to the design ).