For the NIBC Building we developed a long-term real estate strategy, which has been translated into a concrete interior design. As a result parts of the building are to be let to third party tenants, while NIBC’s own organisation will be provided with a concept for a new and fresh “flexible-works” interior.

De NIBC Bank building complex is located at the Carnegie Square in the Hague, in close vicinity to the Peace Palace. The complex consists of five buildings, interconnected by inner courtyards. Since several years, lack of occupancy has been increasing.

We developed a renewed real estate strategy whereas parts of the building can be let to third parties, which parties can make use of collective facilities within the complex.
NIBC will allocate ground floor to third parties, while the upper levels of some parts of the complex will only be accessible to NIBC.

The catering facilities, like restaurant, coffee corner and lounge area are to be shared.
Simultaneously with with redevelopment of the groundfloor, a flexible-works concept will be undertaken. The interior for the whole building is designed by architectural firm Bureau070.
Apart, we ourselves mainly focussed on concept development. A neat and light interior is designed, to fit in in with the existing building structure. The remodelling took place in the second halve of 2015.

client: NIBC Bank The Hague