Commissioned by the City of Rijswijk and all property owners, in 2014-2015 we worked on a vision for the future of the “In de Bogaard” shopping center in the town of Rijswijk.

In collaboration with the Municipality and the property owners we prepared a vision for the future. In this process we acted as an inspirer, mediator, catalyst and concept developer. In a very challenging and inspiring process, in which we not only sat at the tabel to feed the discussions, but also literally went out into the streets to interview the public and retailers, and to ask for their (unsalted) opinions.
After five intensive workshops the balance was drawn up and a strategy outlined for the next ten years. Beware: it wasn’t intended to be a blueprint for a new center, but an approach that would require “rolled up sleeves”. Now, by means of five “tracks,” project groups have commenced tackling various parts of the implementation strategy, i.e. “built environment”, “public space”, “programme and users”, “brand strategy” and “accessibility plus parking”.

A major conclusion, from the vision for the future, is that “In de Bogaard” shouldn’t any longer act as just a shopping center, but instead should become a distintive city center. Within this center you should be able to find a mix of retail with hospitality, leisure and social functions. Further there should be ample space for local entrepreneurship. The focus will be on the local market as an addition to the existing center.

This requires regarding the center differently, which will call for acting in a firm way.
Sure, indeed, the growing lack of occupancy calls for immediate and concrete actions.

The Municipality prepared a website where communication on this project can continue:

Client: Municipality of Rijswijk and property owners