In collaboration with BorrenStaalenhoef Architects and real estate developer FOOQ from Leeuwarden we have participated in the Kloppend Hart Leeuwarden (Beating Hart Leeuwarden) manifestation. Our contribution consisted of a spatial design, a programming proposal and a feasibility analysis.

The Oldehoofsterkerkhof has all the potential to further improve the urban quality and perception of the city of Leeuwarden. The Oldehove is located on one of the three mounds on which eventualy Leeuwarden was founded. Nowadays this historical and unique place is one the most important and most accesible entrances to the city center.

Het Magazyn (The Store) provides space for buying and borrowing old and new media.
It can be considered as a large, new style, bookshop or library, or better yet, a combination of both. Literally and figuratively the world of books characterises all the other functions spread out over the building. It provides space for formes and combinations of work for flex workers: students, entrepreneurs, civil servants and researchers. Here also you’ll find meeting rooms with the best view of Leeuwarden, spaces where one can meet or either provide a presentation, a lecture or a press conference.

client: competition