The Hague is preparing for the future. In the context of the Spatial Planning for the City Agenda, we, as a design team together with the Scheveningen area coalition, prepared the spatial future sketch for the Scheveningen district. An exciting co-creation process in which various stakeholders such as residents and entrepreneurs were involved in shaping The Hague of 2040.
From the trends around economy, demography, sustainability and technology, we determined the spatial challenges for the coming years.
Where are the opportunities for intensification, compaction and energy-efficient solutions? What role will technology play in The Hague as a “smart city”?

With the area coalition of the Scheveningen district, we translated current and future opportunities and limitations of Scheveningen into a spatial program and concrete tasks. Tasks that must be tackled in the coming years to keep Scheveningen and The Hague future-proof.

For this process we worked together with Blossity, boutique consultants from The Hague.

client: Municipality of The Hague, department DSO