Flow Real Estate, as asset manager for Blackstone’s Dutch office property, approached us to provide a study for the strategic repositioning of the “Forum”, “Sirius” and “Orion” buildings. These three office buildings are part of “De Resident” building complex, a multifunctional development in the center of The Hague. Along with de “Muzen Toren” and “Wijnhaven II” building the above three buildings make up the “wall” around the Wijnhaven Square.

Making use of our local network and local knowledge we have worked at the repositioning of the Wijnhaven Square to allow for the right real estate strategy at plinth level. Due to creating more value at that level, the value of the surrounding properties will rise.
From the start of the process we have involved the remainder of the stake holders around the Wijnhaven Square, so to create maximum support and to interconnect the various processes.

“According to us the Men of Foam are creative, commercially sensitive and fast. Because of these characteristics our cooperation runs very smoothly resulting in beautiful end products and great satisfaction to us and our client.”

Daan van Helsdingen, Partner FLOW Real Estate

client: FLOW Real Estate