ZIP2516 is the winning proposal for the “Plot 2 ‘The Urban Lab’ Challenge” competition.
The ZIP 2516 proposal has been invented and prepared in cooperation with architects Studio Komma and is to be an important driver to the transformation of the Binckhorst industrial and commercial area in The Hague.

The award consists of a municipal contribution of € 50,000.- for the further design and development of Plot 2 at Melkweg Road. The jury has assessed the proposal as “a plan with balls” and as a real eyecatcher focussing on the future users of the area.

ZIP2516 is a concept where social and commercial entrepeneurship will meet and is to be combined with open public spaces. ZIP2516 connects such through its unique design: combining a stacked programme with challenging functions such as:

  • At ground floor level: Happy Tosti, a socially engaged entrepeneur who, in cooperation with equally engaged entrepeneurs, will produce a flagship store, a training centre and catering facilities.
  • At first floor level: Urban Playground, which is to be a public square and terrace with space for events, meetings and sports.
  • At second and third floor levels: World Startup Factory, which is an incubator for startups which will, in cooperation with regional knowledge centres, provide an accelerator programme to firmly boost the urban and regional economy.
  • At fourth floor level: Hermit Gin Bar, which will be a rooftop bar with locally brewed gin, a terrace and a vegetable garden.

The iconic building will make use of donor material from an old parking garage and will have a smart facade with which energy can be produced. Moreover the building is designed as a Lego package: fully suitable for de-as well as reassembly. In fact, when and if required, ZIP2516 can be moved to another site to boost the urban and/or regional economy.