In 2012 we launched the first LEFGOZAH campaign with the following text:

“I don’t know about you, but we have the feeling that this era is very much in need of Guys with Guts. Or Girls with Guts. Yes sure, the girls have at least as much guts as the guys.
However we thought: “You know what, let’s make a poster of it!”
Because everyone is crying out that the real estate business is locked down. And then most start crying out that others have to supply “the key”. While of course there is only one who has the key: that’s you! You are the guy or the girl with guts, the enterprising real estate man or woman, full of vision, guts and entrepreneurship.
Now that’s nice, now you draw the attention to it. It so happens that we, The Men Of Foam, approach the real estate market with exactly the same vision, guts and entrepreneurship”.

By now a number of campaigns have passed. It seems that the lefgozah mentality reaches further than the real estate sector and to be honest we didn’t expect otherwise. More than enough reason for us to start building the next campaign!