On ‘The Day of Project Development’, approximately 500 real estate professionals from different fields gathered for a substantial cross-pollination and for sharing experiences and visions.

Theme of ‘The Day of Project Development’ 2014 was: “make room for craftsmanship and entrepreneurship”, which surely rang a bell with us. Along with Roel Willems and Nienke Maatje of Syntrus Achmea RE&F we developed a serious game referring to the “Malieveld” location in The Hague.
This was an inter-active game in which we released the participants from their comfort zone to let them experience the case from various perspectives and development roles.
It turned out to be a game about positive energy, which also now and then was confronting, but above all gave the participants a pleasant afternoon.

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For ‘The Day of Project Development’ 2015, which followed on from the theme “Create it with People”, we presented, in collaboration with Rene Bruijns of “De Versnellers”, the serious game “SPEED”. A game all about speed. Speed has become desperately important in a world which changes exponentially fast.
Together with the participants we extracted inspiration from fields and players around us, who are able to disturb and change rapidly existing systems and business models.
Inspired in such way we then tackled an appealing real estate case. The main question
in the act of this game was: are we all, with assistance from outside, able to change and adjust ourselves quickly? This to enable us to find and provide the right answers to the changing world around us.