For Scheveningen 070 BV we invented and organized the marketing and sales process.
Rather than having the traditional real estate agent responsible for sales, we started off with a team and a new and innovative approach.
Our partners for this project were SQM Real Estate and Fundament All Media. The architect is DAVL from The Hague.

As a marketing and sales team, within a very short time and with succes, we built the “WERF07” brand, introducing it on the market and building a community around the project. This we established by means of conducting the marketing campaign for 80 % online, so as to directly approach the diverse target groups.

The combination of local knowledge, our personal relation to the spot and the professional knowledge and experience of Fundament All Media enabled us to bring this very attractive project to the attention in a unique way. By use of online marketing tools we have been able to monitor the campaign and adjust where and when required.

In the meantime all apartments have been sold and in August 2015 construction started.

client: Scheveningen 070 BV