As part of the future vision for the shopping center “In de Bogaard” we made a starter brand and implemented a brand strategy.
We have broadend and adapted the exisiting brand identity and logo towards a brand impression and expression which better fit the new positioning of “In de Bogaard” as a distinctive city center.
As a communicator we invented “Jimmy”. Jimmy experiences and tells the story of “In de Bogaard”. The early attention given to the brand supports the process of establishing a vision and at the same time that vision will provide an identity to retailers and customers.
Visuals were made by VisuallyYours, Dennis Luijer.

clients: Municipality of Rijswijk and real estate owners Annexum, ASR, Corio, DELA,Delta LLoyd, Van Haren, Investore, NSI, Q-Park, Redevco, Syntrus Achmea and Tenstone