Regarding the large amount of real estate square metres the government is shedding, the RVB is facing new challenges. Insight in the latest developments in the market and knowlegde of new ways of project development will allow RVB to increase the succes of tender procedures, eventually resulting in sale and redevelopment of government real estate.

In order to explore these new means of development we organized for the RVB management and the Municipality of Haarlem a serious game on the case of “the dome prison in Haarlem”.
In an interactive way and in a “arena-style” setting we challenged the participants to transpose into the various development roles. Afterwards all teams presentend and defended their development strategies.
The session led to new insights and questions regarding the current tender procedures, which at most are focussed at the large renowned real estate companies. And is this while the present problems mostly demand creative and innovative development methods.

The serious game proved to be a effective way to arrive at surprising conclusions within very short time. And moreover, the game element provided the right mix of fun and substance.