After graduating as an architect, Rico specialized in the overall real estate process. As a concept developer and entrepreneur, he oversees the real estate market and makes opportunities for projects and the market quickly visible. As an entrepreneur, Rico believes in the power of collaborations outside the real estate market. The rapidly changing tech world is a good example of these collaborations. By approaching The Men of Foam as a start-up, we try to quickly adapt to changes in the market and resulting challenges of our clients.

Rico worked as an architect at Van Mourik Vermeulen, after which a role as project and process manager at Stevens van Dijck was fulfilled. After this, Rico became head of the Concept Development department of IPMMC Vastgoed (now AM Real Estate). In 2011, Rico, together with Niels de Vries, started Humel De Mannen van Schuim. Here, in addition to our projects in real estate and area development, his focus is on the commercial development of the company.