Experts Meeting H-team (Re-allotment team):
On Thursday September 17th 2015, the H-team organised the first Experts Meeting at the former prison complex “Het Wolvenplein” in the town of Utrecht. The meeting was co-organised with the Government Real Estate Company and the Association of Dutch Municipalities.
Theme of the day focussed on the sales process of hard to redevelop real estate, finding for this the proper and effective marketing strategies, as well as finding potential investors.

During the meeting we organised a short workshop session on the subject of developing a proper marketing strategy. During this workshop the participants joined in groups to tackle the case of redevelopment of the dome prison complex in the town of Haarlem (resembling the above prison in Utrecht). It was a short, but powerfull session resulting in further insight in the marketing aspects, involved in the sale of abandoned government real estate.

Photography: Judith Quax.