It was all about giving the stage to the Lefgozahs and Lefgozahrinnen (the Guys and Girls with Guts) at the Lefgozah Awards! How great it was to be able to organise this event for the first time.
The nominees in 2014 were:

1 Job Keja – BAUT
2 Alette Baartmans – Geen School
3 Celine Cairo
4 Pieter Jongens – Hutspot
5 De Haagsche Dames – City Swim Amsterdam
6 Stefan Spanjer – Kite Robotics

Winners of the Lefgozah/Lefgozahrin Award 2014 were ;
Job Keja (BAUT) and Alette Baartmans (Geen School).
Meanwhile they handed over the pass-on award to Igor Sancisi of Novanta90 (pop-up hotel in Italy) and Amber Passtoors of the GeenSchoolBox.